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About Us

1922, as International Cooperative Banking Committee -- Comité international des banques coopératives, with membership from 7 European consumer cooperative banks. In 1964 membership was opened to all cooperative banks and central cooperative credit organizations directly or indirectly affiliated to International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), of which it is a specialized body. Following 28th ICA Congress, 1984, Hamburg (Germany FR), became an international specialized organization of ICA, with the title International Co-operative Alliance Central Banking Committee -- Comité central des banques coopératives de l'Alliance coopérative internationale or ICA Central Banking Committee -- Comité central bancaire de l'ACI; also sometimes referred to as International Association of Cooperative Banks -- Association internationale coopérative bancaire. Present name adopted 1992.


Exchange information; promote cooperation among cooperative banks; advise and assist the development of new cooperative banks; carry out studies and research on subjects of common interest - capital formation, cooperative values as applied to banking.

    As a global organisation for cooperative banks, ICBA has four key parameters:

  • To facilitate the promotion at the international and regional levels of the distinctive cooperative values of cooperative banks and of the advantages of using them over other banks.
  • To facilitate and encourage the exchange of information amongst members on key cooperative banking issues and foster inter-cooperation in the finding of solutions.
  • To support regional committees and their members, individually or collectively with specific challenges.
  • To encourage inter-cooperation with other types of cooperatives and various bodies of the ICA.

Role and objectives of the ICBA

ICBA shall be representative of co-operative financial institutions and co-operative banks, affiliated, directly or indirectly, to the International Co-operative Alliance, hereinafter referred to as ICA.

The ICBA shall initiate and encourage worldwide discussion and constructive resolution of the crucial issues that face co-operative financial institutions. It shall disseminate best practices amongst members and encourage co-operation between them.

The ICBA shall organize, collect, process and render the information on activity of ICBA and world’s co-operative banking subjects in a way to make possible a fast, efficient and active access to these data for ICBA members and other authorized organizations, especially the ICA and other co-operative organizations.

The ICBA shall set up and promote Regional Banking Committees hereinafter referred to as “RBCs”, covering different geographical areas as required by its members to act as a forum for discussion of regional and worldwide co-operative banking issues and questions.